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New Years Day Bowl Games Open Thread

I'm too hung over to come up with a clever tagline.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Merry New Year

Actually, Nenge, it's Gatorade and Advil time.  But it's also football time!

Merry New Year, Barkers - hopefully you all managed to ring in 2016 with panache.

Let's see what our ESPN overlords have on tap for us today:

Tenessee vs. Northwestern in the Outback Bowl: Nothing evokes the proud tradition of Bowl Season like a mid-tier SEC team absolutely tap-dancing on a mid-tier Big Ten team.

Florida vs. Michigan in the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl: Go Gata versus Go Big Blue.  The Longhorns' prospects of ringing in the New Year with a top twelve-ish class would get a nice boost if someone could knock a little shine off of Harbaugh, but the Gator O probably isn't up to the task.

Notre Dame vs. Ohio State in the BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl: There's nothing like watching aggressively peppy muddy people scale obstacles while you're supine on the couch and trying to convince your head not to fly apart and decorate the ceiling.  This game instilled a much lower degree of shame when it was sponsored by Tostitos.

Stanford vs. Iowa in The Granddaddy of Them All: That GD tree versus GDGD.  Come for the horizontal passing, stay to watch Ed and Lisa McCafferey's personal eugenics project run wild.

Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss in the AllState Sugar Bowl: Some interesting meta conversation in the suites in this one - is it more leveraged to throw bags of cash around with enough abandon to raise eyebrows in the SEC, or to just quietly cut a check to Alan Eck?

Let's discuss.