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BC Podcast: Bitter Fans and BitterWhiteGuy

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NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

On the heels of a bitter disappointment against OU, it seemed only fitting to bring BitterWhiteGuy on board to help us work through our angst and help us find some hope. The hope was all on the basketball side, but still.

We work through the five stages of grief as the Longhorns slip from 97th to 99th in Defensive S&P+, discuss the dynamics around Charlie’s future and where Texas might go if and when it’s time to pull the plug, and the impact of the AD situation on the ability to execute a Tom Herman hire (or plunge things into chaos if Texas goes in another direction).

Fortunately, the most nominally bitter of our little band was able to provide some sunshine with a look at the upcoming Longhorn bball season and a preview of the inaugural Smart Texas Basketball, available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes!

It seems a little long at 1:11, but a decent chunk of that is just awkward pauses from three guys chiming in from three different locations with three beers apiece. OK, they were sober and I had nine, but that still averages out to three.

Give it a listen and share it with your wife, your girlfriend or both!