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BC Unplugged Podcast and Friday Free-For-All

NCAA Football: Texas at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest edition of the Barking Carnival Unplugged Podcast, I join @kipsbigboy and special guest @willbaizer of the Hornscast Channel to discuss the chances of the Texas offense roasting Iowa Steak and the grilling Charlie will undergo if his defense can’t take a major step forward this week:

And apologies all around, but this post will need to serve as a Friday Free For All in lieu of other niftiness - The Q&A or something like it will be up on Saturday, but this was a hellish IRL week (nothing bad, just busy) and flew in at 11:30 last night, podcasted til 2:00 and have been fighting fires (not the tasty steak-grilling kind) all morning.

Some conversatin’ thought starters:

  • Why is the all-around pass rush/pass D/run D/edge setting matchup nightmare for this defense wearing #32 instead of #46?
  • What in the name of Jesus and General Jackson is going on with Holton Hill and Davante Davis to the point that (per Nahlin at IT) we’re likely to see John Bonney starting at corner opposite Kris Boyd?
  • Why do they keep calling it Barking Carnival Unplugged when they started out with like eight plugs on the table and seem to add at least one per podcast?