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BC Unplugged Podcast: Off to See the Wizard

Charlie & Company are off to see the Purple Wizard this Saturday, and @kipsbigboy, @BitterWhiteGuy and I break down the Horns’ trip to the Little Apple.

It’s been more shitting bricks than yellow bricks when Texas has gone on the road of late, but we break down the Longhorns’ odds of reversing that curse while also mocking the Big XII’s latest round of slapdick expansion flailing and the Longhorn Basketball team’s exciting season opener at Gregory Gym - 1-0, baby!

Oh, apparently it was just an exhibition. I’m not the basketball guy.

I’m on the road to Dallas for the Screaming Eagles’ first scouting combine - regrettably scheduled in tandem with the KSU game - so I apologize for not having any more pre-game content handy and may be late to the party with tomorrow’s edition of Shooting From the Hip. But I’ll see if I’m iPhone-savvy enough to promote any nifty preview/review Fanshots that you guys have - sometimes it takes a village to run a blog.