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Vance Bedford Demoted As Texas Defensive Coordinator

Meet the new Texas defensive coordinator. Charlie Strong.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Strong will assume defensive play-calling duties and the bulk of week-to-week defensive game planning.

Bedford will be asked to spend more time with the defensive backs, coaching them on the fundamentals that the defensive back 7 has sorely lacked through four games in 2016.  I'm irresolute as to whether I want Bedford coaching anyone right now.

First year Texas DB coach Clay Jennings had been tasked with that position grouping after the departure of respected coach and recruiter Chris Vaughn and every player in his care has either leveled or regressed from last year.  How, why and whether the bulk of the reason rests with Bedford, Jennings, or both, is indeterminate, but I suspect both failed individually and together.

The change certainly can't hurt, but this defense is plagued by issues that go much deeper than bad play calls.  And it means Strong will be a de facto coordinator for the rest of the season with minimal time to address more global issues (i.e. special teams, basic game management, organization etc) that need a head coach's attention.