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The Barking Carnival Unplugged Podcast

Texas v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Howdy, Barkers! What’s old is new again, and as a lead-in to Halloween the Barking Carnival Podcast has risen from the grave to once more eat the brains of the living.

To continue on that whole grave/funerary theme, this re-launch comes at a particularly dark time as producer/co-host Jacob Detamore (aka KipsBigBoy) and I were forced to contend with Charlie’s loss of The Rationals on the heels of Saturday’s dirty defensive diaper in Stillwater. We recap how we got here, take a stats-driven view of just how bad things have gotten and muse on whether Charlie can win us back before ending on the high note of “Fuck OU.”

Probably should have spoiler-alerted that, but I’m new at this.

Thanks to the great Will Baizer of and the HornsCast podcast network (I think it’s a network, this shit gets confusing) for hosting this and a lot of other great podcasts at

We’re shooting for a twice-weekly look at all things Longhorn with special guests, exciting surprises and hopefully fewer edging/mowing noises outside than invaded this first one. Hope you’ll make this a part of your weekly workout/driving/sitting in a dark room with a glass of whisky and sobbing routine.

Thanks for listening!