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Barking Carnival Unplugged Podcast: The F*** OU Edition

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Happy Hate Week, Barkers! We’ve got a very special treat for you on a State Fair Friday with the F*** OU edition of the Barking Carnival Unplugged Podcast:

This one features:

  • A special guest appearance by Longhorn media legend and Barking Carnival OG srr50, who takes us through perhaps the hatin’est game in this hate-filled rivalry
  • A full breakdown of our key matchups on offense and defense, complete with me making hand motions before a raised eyebrow from my co-host @kipsbigboy reminded me that no one could see them
  • Me mis-identifying the Hornscast podcast channel as Hornsports at least twice while also apparently inviting our listeners to lick the channel on Facebook. You can make a drinking game out of it if you want - I certainly was in real time
  • Special guest sponsors from north of the Red River with some candid commentary on Sooner life and unique musical stylings
  • Loki and General Zod fixing our kick return woes
  • Surprising anatomical facts about porpoises

Whatever you’re up to today - driving, working out, pulling a Peter Gibbons in the office and waiting to bail - you need more hate in your life today. So give it a listen, and remember - whatever time you listen to this podcast, OU still sucks.