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Roach & Mack Out for Texas Opener

Roach & Mack still suspended for violation of team rules

NCAA Basketball: Connecticut at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Friday’s game against Incarnate Word just got a bit more interesting, as Kerwin Roach and Tevin Mack are reportedly going to miss the Texas Longhorns home opener.

Shaka Smart announced a suspension for both Roach and Mack for a violation of team rules prior to the team scrimmage against Angelo State. Shaka said the violation happened months ago; but at the time Smart didn’t elaborate on the length of the suspension. It now appears this game will be the end of their 3-game suspension -- the SMU scrimmage, Angelo State exhibition, and Incarnate Word game — meaning both Roach and Mack will make their season debut against Louisiana-Monroe on November 14th. For Friday’s game, it’s likely Texas’ rotation will look largely the same as you saw in the Angelo State scrimmage as Mareik Isom is still working his way back from surgery. Hopefully the two have learned their lesson about engaging in...uhh, you know, the thing that Shaka won’t elaborate on and we can’t say what it is because it might violate HIPAA privacy regulations in Colorado. Whatever that might be, hypothetically. I’ve heard.