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Preparing For The Storm: 2016 Texas Football National Signing Day

Let’s ride.
Ulysses S. Cocksman

It's NSD eve and Charlie Strong has been cramming for finals in his own imitable fashion.  Coach skipped class the entire semester, read Tolstoy's entire collection, and cranked out a fifty page Russian Lit paper.  Tomorrow we'll find out if it's A or B work.

The upshot of this late-breaking Texas class is that the Longhorns should dominate tomorrow's announcements and rise something like 157 spots (an estimation) in the various rankings.  More importantly, we'll have another complementary class of Strong's guys who can restock empty cupboards.

We'll be covering NSD tomorrow in an open thread.  And I'll be following up with a position by position breakdown which will attempt to blow minimal smoke up your asses, appraise that talent soberly and point out Strong's particular genius at identifying late-breaking talent that will peak at age 21 instead of age 17.

There's some legitimate drama in tomorrow's announcements for half of these prospects.  Some of these athletes have multiple coaching staffs convinced they're headed their way.  Ah, youth.

Here are some scheduled announcement times:

DT Marcell Southall 7:30am

DT Chris Daniels 7:45am

S Brandon Jones 8:00am

DT Mike Williams 8:10am

DT Stephon Taylor 8:30am

LB Erick Fowler 8:30am

S Deontay Anderson 9am

S Chris Brown 9am

ILB Dontavious Jackson 9am

LB Jeffrey McCulloch 10am

OT Patrick Hudson 10:30am

DT Jordan Elliott noon

DT Darius Christmas-Giles (correction - tonight)

RB Kyle Porter - just announced for Texas

Edge Rusher Mark Jackson - Sooner bound


What's your best guess?

Right now I feel pretty good about:








Flip a coin for both Fowler and Taylor.  When it lands on its side, do it again.  Hudson isn't going to happen, no matter how much I'm trying to delude myself.  I think we're choice #2 for Dontavious and Williams, but the former's stance could change tonight.  There's also a small chance of an out-of-the-blue commitment who was thought to be totally off of the board.

If things break quite poorly late (lose Jones, Fowler, Elliott), Texas will finish in the bottom part of the Top 20.  If things break perfectly late, the Longhorns should crack the back end of the Top 10.  More important than absolute rankings, a good NSD means Texas meets needs and land a good mix of highly touted studs and high ceiling "developmentals" that the ratings don't always do a very good job of quantifying.

Hang on to your's going to get bumpy.