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Baylor and Art Briles have teamed up for a joint statement


Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

As reported by Our Daily Bears. Great to see these two entities re-united. There had seemed to be some disagreement a few days ago but everything seems copacetic now. I guess the settlement was the right number.

Baylor University and Art Briles have mutually agreed to terminate their employment relationship, effective immediately. Both parties acknowledge that there were serious shortcomings in the response to reports of sexual violence by some student-athletes, including deficiencies in University processes and the delegation of disciplinary responsibilities with the football program. Baylor is addressing these shortcomings and making ongoing improvements.

Baylor wishes Coach Briles well in his future endeavors. Coach Briles expresses his thanks to the City of Waco and wishes the Baylor Bears success in the future.

Let's head over to the official site where the headline reads:

Baylor University and Art Briles Issue Joint Statement Regarding Their Employment Relationship

I guess they have agreed to still be friends. SMH.