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Full Pads. Inside Drill. Here’s the Breakdown.

It's on. We hittin'.

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Here’s what you’re seeing in the dozen highlights, in order:

- Andrew Beck (#47) gets a strong initial punch on Malik Jefferson. Low man wins. #45 Anthony Wheeler does a nice job coming from the backside.

- Solid job by the DL across the board. Paul Boyette (#93) gives a little ground, recovers, shucks Connor Williams (#55), engages the runner, Poona Ford delivers coup de grace.

- Brandon Hodges (#58) whips Bryce Cottrell play side and stays on his block. Nickelson gets across Omenihu’s legs backside, effectively cutting him. Shackleford body slams Quincy Vasser in the middle. The walk-on RB is still running.

- Alex Anderson (#63) gets manhandled by Naashon Hughes, who is giving up 60+ pounds. Great physicality by #40. Good initial contact from Breckyn Hager (#44) on Elijah Rodriguez (#72) backside, but he gets overextended and spun around.

- That’s how you play OL. Denzel Okafor (#78) decimates his defender (Wilbon? Hard to tell). Put your video on pause and look at his pad level relative to everyone else. If you’ve read Thinking Texas Football, you know we’re Okafor fans. Imade (#67) and Major (#70) do their jobs backside. Hard to believe those 3 bodies belong to freshmen.

- 5th year senior Tim Cole (#30) vs. a walk-on TE.  Not fair.  Anthony Wheeler wins on the backside of the play disengaging from Blueitt (#42) easily.

- Demarco Boyd (#36) whips Peyton Aucoin (#88). Quicker, much more physical athlete.

- Demarco Boyd beats Peyton Aucoin again. #35 Edwin Freeman lays a good lick.

- Cameron Townsend (#43) drives Tristian Houston ten yards backwards into the RB. Antwuan Davis (#25) controls Dorian Leonard (#8) in the middle and DeShon Elliott (#4) finishes the play (his guy was Jake Oliver).

- Eric Cuffee (#26) matadors Collin Johnson for the TFL and fumble.

- The absolute blur from the backside making the play was Brandon Jones #19.  Beat Lil’Jordan Humphrey (#81) with a great first step and physicality.

- Lil’Jordan redeems himself by pancaking Chris Brown after driving him back five yards.  Walk-on strolls to TD.


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