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‘Smart Texas Basketball’ season preview is coming soon

You didn’t ask for an eBook, and we’ve delivered on your lack of demand

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-UNI vs Texas Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After toiling in obscurity for weeks and leaving a series of bread crumbs through Twitter for all eleven Texas Longhorns basketball fans to follow, it’s finally time to announce the inaugural edition of ‘Smart Texas Basketball’ is coming in mid-late October. Jeff Haley of Burnt Orange Nation and I have collaborated to produce 40,000 words of mostly coherent basketball insight on this year’s Texas basketball team. We cover the squad from individual players to overall team strategy on offense and defense; we talk about the schedule, offer predictions on the conference, delve into the tar pit of basketball recruiting, and slather it all in a layer of sarcasm and snark thick enough to smother a toddler. This eBook can be yours for half a Wadlington, or $4.99 in US currency, and will be available through the normal online outlets. As the links go live in a couple of months, we will be posting them here and through our Twitter handles.