Why I would start Tyrone Swoopes against Cal

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Long time lurker; first time writer.

I was finally motivated to write based on the FanPost of the day initiative. Great Leadership engagement!

Obviously, I am not the OC for the Texas Longhorns and do not pretend to be, however this post is more about starting a dialog and discussion among informed and passionate fans.

Buechele has been the difference maker this season, he makes every member of this team better and is critical for the success of the Longhorns over the season. However, Cal presents the Longhorns an opportunity to leverage the different strengths of the players to our immediate and long term advantage.

Cal is susceptible to the power run. We have one of the best power run personnel packages in College Football, just ask Brian Kelly. Tyrone is capable of connecting on the deep ball. I am not arguing he is as good as Shane, but he doesn't have to hit every time to be very effective.

Running the ball even at a fast tempo is the best ally our defense will have against the Bear Air attack. Additionally, their defense will wear down more quickly putting its own version of pressure on David Webb and team.

What are you supposed to pack for a road trip? Running Game and Defense

Each Quarterback will play a lot and I am definitely not saying sit Shane the whole game, but we know this offense can be quite explosive with just the power run (Baylor's Bowl win last year as an example)

In watching the UTEP game it was obvious they preferred Shane keep the ball and completely focused on the running back on option plays. We need to get used to that; it will only get worse. Shane did a fantastic job of recognizing situational awareness and getting down when appropriate. However, he took way more hits than necessary to put away UTEP.

Lots of people have pointed out the similarities between Buechele and Colt McCoy. Buechele is doing so well he is closer compared to Colt '08 than Colt '06 when he was surrounded by the remnants of the National Championship team. However, here is an interesting stat line for you.

(4 year starter, 3 of the 4 years he left a game due to injury)

'06 Kansas State

Quarterback Colt McCoy was hurt scoring a touchdown on the fourth-ranked Longhorns' opening drive in a 45-42 loss to Kansas State on Saturday night.

'06 Texas A&M

The Longhorns struggled with only 230 total yards and quarterback Colt McCoy was intercepted three times in his worst game of the season.

The redshirt freshman was also carted off the field with 20 seconds left after taking a hit on pass and it appeared that his head whipped to the ground. He raised his left hand to the crowd of 89,102 as he left the field. Team officials said McCoy had use of all his extremities and was taken to the hospital for observation.

'07 Kansas State

The Wildcats nearly knocked McCoy out of the game again. He threw another interception on his last play of the half and was slammed to the turf. His legs were wobbly when he got up and he had to be escorted to the locker room by trainers.

'07 Oklahoma

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy, the redshirt freshman who won last year's game, continued his sophomore slump.

McCoy, who showed signs of a concussion while getting battered last week (Kansas State), played this game with his throwing arm bandaged from mid-forearm to biceps.

'09 National Championship vs Alabama

Do I really need to quote this one?

My point is not that Colt was a fragile person, but rather Football Season is long and it exacts a toll on the toughest. While we will never know how good David Ash could have been, I think we all know how tough he was and how much he sacrificed to do the job of Quarterback well.

Starting Tyrone Swoopes and using him at least 50% of the snaps does three things:

1. Gives us a personnel package that plays to our strengths and Cals' weakness.

2. Gives future opponents that are susceptible to power running (Texas Tech, Oklahoma) more to game plan and try to prepare in the limited time before our game. See how future opponents play us after Tyrone hits Burt on more than one deep connection after 10 straight runs.

3. Allows Shane the opportunity to save some shots; we need him health every game not just this one.

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