Texas' 10 Biggest Questions for 2016

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Ok, I have to admit. These may not all be the biggest questions Texas faces. Maybe more so, I just have some random questions that keep running through my mind and I thought it would do my brain some good to get them out of my head and onto something. If that something just happens to post up on BC, and give you a chance to respond as well, then great!

1. Would Texas have beaten ND if Shane Buechele played the entire game?

2. How quickly can the coaches fix our problem with penalties?

3. Can Malik Jefferson continue to be the face of the team with a guy like Shane Buechele playing so well?

4. Are we really using Malik in the right position? His ball tracking abilities are amazing but I'm not as convinced by his pass protection skills.

5. Can we really say, "The Horns are back" after 2 games...even 3?

6. UTEP still hit a 50+ yard TD run vs Texas. Notre Dame had 2 go over 20. Are we really stopping the run yet?

7. Why is our kicker giving teams a chance to bring the ball out of the end zone? Haven't seen that in a long time.

8. Where are all of the turnovers we need and does that add question marks to our defense?

9. What would it take for a true freshman to win the Heisman?

10. Will the Big 12 have a difficult road to get a team in the CFP this year...especially after all of the losses in week 1 and 2?

What are your biggest questions for 2016?

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