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This Week on BC and Monday Open Thread

NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Mornin’, Barkers!

We took our first kick to the teeth in this young season on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and their still ain’t much joy in Hornville as of this AM. The what, why and how of Texas’ loss to Cal is on everyone’s mind, and that’s the bulk of what we’ll be diving into this week.

At this present second, I’m up to my ass in alligators/chest in crocodiles/groin in gavials on another football project while Scip and his fanny pack are pillaging the slopes in Tahoe, so we’re in the midst of sorting out this week’s coverage. The below is a rough calendar for the week, but figured today would be a good day to kick off the Monday Open Thread. Share your thoughts, hopes, dreams and deeply held grievances below, and also any areas of the team/last week’s game/what comes next/anything else you’d like to read about. We’ll take the one or two ideas around which the most interest coalesces and (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise) explore them in pieces later in the week. And as always, if you’ve got an idea that YOU want to explore, take Bevo XV by the horns and knock out a FanPost.

Monday: This Week on BC and Open Thread; Fan Post of the Day

Tuesday: Shooting From the Rewatch: Defense (The WhatTheF***ening Edition); Fan Post of the Day; Scip.E.O. Post-Mortem

Wednesday: Shooting From the Rewatch: Offense; Fan Post of the Day

Thursday: Offensive and Defensive Symbiosis; BC You Call It Post #1; Fan Post of the Day

Friday: BC You Call It Post #2; Fan Post of the Day

Saturday: CFB Open Thread

Sunday: NFL Open Thread

Let’s turn a bad loss into a good week of football talk.