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Time For A Lagaryonn Carson Backup Plan

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Inside Texas is reporting that Lagaryonn Carson has been suspended for the second time this season.

This is what I wrote about him in my 12 Recruits that will define the 2016 class piece:

If Wilson represents the highest DL floor of any recruit in Texas (and arguably the country) the current Longhorn commit has the highest ceiling. He’s that talented. He needs to handle his business off of the field and the on-field will take care of itself here in Austin. Given that caution, I may very well have him overrated, but it’s all right there on film. I’m a sucker for upside.

Given his academic concerns and other issues, I think it's highly unlikely the uber-talented DL makes it to Texas - at least without a long pit stop at a JUCO.

Unfortunate, as Carson's upside is as high as any recruit in the state of Texas.  He's that gifted.  Let's hope he doesn't squander those gifts for too long.

Time to seek other options.