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Poll Dancers...Longhorns Ranked For First Time Since 2014

Our long national regional Austin-centric nightmare is finally over, as the Texas Longhorns have cracked a national poll for the first time since September 6th, 2014. Texas came in at #20 in this week’s Coaches Poll following Sunday’s thrilling upset over Notre Dame.

The Longhorns locked down “biggest mover” honors...well, the good kind, anyway. The juxtaposition with LSU is particularly entertaining,

The win slips Texas one spot ahead of the Domers and within sniffing distance of Baylor and Okie State:

If the Longhorns handle business against Cal (and UTEP, of course) and the Cowboys knock off Baylor, we’re likely looking at a matchup of two Top Fifteen teams on 10/1 in Stillwater. Get revenge on the Pokes and Charlie’s squad could find themselves on the cusp of a Top Ten ranking - wouldn’t that be Eck-cellent?