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Pre-Order Smart Texas Basketball 2017 Now

STB 2017 comes out 10/23/2017

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Photographer: Melissa Sudero

It took several months, two writers, and several bottles of liquor, but Smart Texas Basketball 2017 comes out on Monday, October 23rd and is available for pre-order through Amazon and iTunes for $4.99 now. If you have a Kindle, we’ve got you; if you have an iPad or a Mac, we’ve got you; if you have a MS-DOS machine, we have many questions but most importantly we can probably translate the book to ASCII art for a fairly substantial fee.

Amazon Link:

iTunes Link:

We cover last year, the current team, recruiting for next year, the offense, the defense, we delve into the ever-changing NBA Draft and how it could impact Texas, we look at the non-conference schedule, the conference schedule, and make our Big 12 picks. We also make a lot of Game of Thrones jokes, Kentucky paying players jokes, and there’s even a DJ Mel hologram cameo. There are tables and play charts and more tables and a math equation for the nerds with a sense of humor. If you want it — and by ‘it’ we mean basketball, specifically college, specifically the Big 12, and mostly about Texas Longhorns — we’ve covered it with varying degrees of accuracy. This is 46,000 words long, we did not fuck around. Or maybe we fucked around a lot, that’s up to you to decide.