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Shooting From The Hip: Texas Tech 27, Texas 23

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

I’m gonna be honest, folks - this deal has wasted enough of my time and yours for one season night. I may come back and beef this up at some point over the weekend, or I may not. Here’s the quick version.

On offense, we either actively worked to expose our players’ weaknesses and were invariably rewarded with exactly what we asked for, or we went with the ol’ Bag of Tricks:

With the inevitable result:

On defense, we couldn’t hide 18, failed to make a few plays that were there to be made, couldn’t hide 18, gave up a couple of scrambles and escapes to a dude with dubious mobility, and couldn’t hide 18.

On special teams, Dickson kicked ass yet again and Rowland made an actual big boy field goal, but two fair catches yielded us a hold and a fumble.

And the bottom line is that we gave away every last little bit that we earned in Morgantown six days ago.

The good news is that we are guaranteed a once-in-a-lifetime matchup in our upcoming bowl game, where true worth will be revealed by an unparalleled measuring stick.

Tim Beck versus Shawn Watson.

The mark to beat is 59 total offensive yards. Place your bets.