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Likely Texas Bowl Game Starters: Texas Offense

Texas Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The shuffling isn’t limited to the defense. Let’s dig in:


I expect to see both QBs. Sam created an opportunity for Shane against Tech and it would be smart to give Shane enough action to keep him incentivized to stick around.


Daniel Young is the lead dog. Kyle Porter will get his. And by get his, I mean 13 yards on 5 carries. Toneil Carter’s snaps will be ball security dependent.


Whatever WRs practice well, pee clear and run - don’t walk! - between drills will get the start as Texas seeks to create further Rubik’s Cube starting WR combinations. The rest will transfer and have their Dads blow up Twitter.


No Beck. No Brewer. Can we get some Kendall Moore split out on a 3rd and 8 threatening safety linebacker the defense to make my head explode? Yes, I bet we can!


Elijah Rodriguez is back practicing. Patrick Vahe is questionable.

Best current guess is:

LT Okafor

LG Rodriguez

C Shackleford

RG McMillon

RT Kerstetter

Solid starting line 2019.