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Michael Dickson Wins the Ray Guy Award

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NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Well-deserved. One of the most amazing punters I’ve ever seen. He’s come a long way from that fumbled snap against Cal in 2015.

Just 15 of Dickson's 73 punts have been under 40 yards this season. Of those 15 punts, seven have been fair caught or downed inside the 10-yard line with an additional punt fair caught at the opponents' 12-yard line. In comparison, Dickson has had 26 punts with a net average of more than 50 yards and nine with a net average of more than 60 yards. Only 17 punts have been returned this season, with nine of those for three yards or less and five of them having gone for negative yards.

Thanks for being a Longhorn, Dicko.