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BWG Invades Your Earholes 2017.02.17

We need more booze

U.S. Wine Exports Set Record For Year, Led By California Wine Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

On Tuesday, BWG joined Inside TexasTim Preston and Hornscast’s Will Baizer on Pretend We’re Football to discuss the Oklahoma State loss, look at the upcoming Oklahoma & Kansas State games, whether this offense is the right one for the team, and talk about why dipping during a tennis match is a poor choice.

Friday, BWG joined Chad Hastings & Kevin Dunn on 104.9 Horn FM to talk about the health of his liver, why it’s not as simple as “Texas should’ve grabbed a point guard”, and if I have any criticisms of Shaka’s choices this year. Interview starts around 25:15, after Chad & Kevin discuss the linebacker build of a female reporter.