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Texas planning on campus replacement for The Erwin Center

Please do this correctly.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Pretty big news on the hoops front recently.

Let’s do this, Greg. Preach, brother:

“Coaches Karen Aston and Shaka Smart want the next facility to be on campus, where it is easier for our student-athletes to travel between their dorms, classes and practice. It also makes the games more accessible to our student fans,” Fenves said. “By choosing a central location, we will make the experience of going to a game more intimate and exciting for all who participate.”

Operative word for me here is ‘intimate’, as in let’s put fans RIGHT ON TOP OF THE FLOOR. Then let’s get the right fans in those seats. Fans who like to, well, not use those seats. Or build an SRO section along one side of the floor. This ain’t rocket surgery. Let’s build a kick ass GYM. And market the program correctly.

What’s that, Mike?

“In addition to serving the needs of our student-athletes, fan experience is a top priority for Texas Athletics,” said Men’s Athletics Director Mike Perrin. “Our goal is to have an arena on our campus that can provide the platform for a great atmosphere and a positive fan experience for our men’s and women’s basketball games. While our vision is that the arena be basketball-centric, we will look to design it to allow for versatility in hosting other events.”


Can we build an awesome hoops shed and still welcome Lady Gaga? Man, I hope so. Either way, look forward to seeing TJ and KD in some new rafters.

Full story was here.