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T-Rings all around!

Football announces Spring 2017 Commencement participants.

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From the official source:

A total of 20 current and former UT Football student-athletes are scheduled to participate in commencement exercises this weekend or are projected spring or summer 2017 graduates.

It’s a big deal to get a sheepskin from The University. I have one somewhere and due to the hard work of the more recent students, I feel like it has only increased in prestige. Let’s be honest, I probably couldn’t get in to Texas today. No take backs!

Great to see studs like Cory Redding and Michael Griffin doing the work years later.

Another great, TJ Ford, gets his this FRIDAY as well. More on that soon.

Congrats. Hook ‘em! Universitas Texana. Non Sine Pulvera Palma.

Disciplina Praesidium Civitatis.