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Colt McCoy on kids and early athletic specialization

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The former UT great, now going into his eighth NFL season, had some interesting things at his recent QB camp in Westlake about athletic specialization and youth sports.

McCoy was asked about the advice he’d give the seventh- and eighth-grade participants. He denounced the concept of specialization at a young age and audibled to a discussion about multi-sport participation. When McCoy was at Tuscola Jim Ned, he also ran hurdles in track and led the basketball team to a Class 2A state championship game appearance in 2005.

“Some of the most athletic guys out here are the guys playing quarterback,” said McCoy, whose camp runs through Tuesday. “I’m like, you should be the point guard, you should play shortstop, you should play golf or play tennis or always be competing. When the time comes, if you’re good enough, they’re going to find you.”

That sounds familiar. Preach it, brother.