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Texas Football 2017 Big 12 Media Day Reps: Locke, Williams, Dickson, Hughes

Texas v California

Let’s break down who Tom Herman is sending to Big 12 media days:

Connor Williams. 1st team All-American and 1st round NFL draft pick. Check.

PJ Locke. Leader of the secondary, 2017 breakout candidate. Check.

Michael Dickson. Best punter in college football. Check.

Naashon Hughes. Benched for several stretches last year.


One of these things is not like the others. Hughes is a good character guy and he has 26 starts as a Longhorn under his belt, but did he beguile yet another coaching staff with his potential in shorts or does Todd Orlando have the position and the role for Hughes to finally blossom?

If Hughes kills it at B-backer, the Longhorn defense will go from improved to possibly frightening.