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Longhorn CBs Coach Jason Washington

West Virginia v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Nice little media piece on Washington. Beyond the puffery, I keep hearing good things about Washington, particularly in his ability to get through to Holton Hill, Kris Boyd and others in his charge. He’s intense, but he’s also big on clarity of communication and assignment.

Last year’s Wait, Who I Got defense can’t happen again and it was fueled in no small part by a defensive coordinator and DB coach who couldn’t get their message through to their charges. The players take some blame for that, but ultimately, it’s also why Tom Herman is our new head coach. While Texas may field a fairly simple defense schematically in the back 7, I think we’ll see much more coherent alignment, a focus on technique and a more comprehensive understanding from each player on their role in the defense.

If the Longhorns perform up to par at cornerback and can find a couple of pass rushers, this defense won’t just improve - it will be a problem for some people.