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Freeze out at Ole Miss: Implications for Texas

Mississippi v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

He “resigned” effectively immediately. For doing SEC things: cheating, breaking contracts, calling an escort service on his university phone (misdial).

The immediate effect on Texas is:

1. Ole Miss won’t be a major player in Texas anymore recruiting players as they were as recently as 2016 when they signed the #1 recruit in the state and another pair of elite dudes. They’d already disappeared last year anyway when the NCAA came sniffing around.

2. That won’t matter because their brethren will fill that void. The only inoculation against SEC incursion of any variety is Texas winning. And then finding a new league ASAP.

3. Texas A&M probably gets another regular season win. Which is good news if you want Kevin Sumlin to stick around. Which is bad news if you don’t.

4. There will be no larger circular SEC firing squad that comes from this unless Freeze goes rogue and write a Don’t-Give-A-Shit tell all.

5. For a bad program, there’s pretty strong evidence that the longer term benefits of cheating are worth the short term cost of being caught, even if you’re hit with probation and scholarship limits. Ole Miss was a conference doormat since the early 1960s and had a brief moment in the sun - getting ranked, signing elite recruiting classes, generally mattering - and that came because of aggressive recruiting.

6. Art Briles? How many curies is he emitting?

7. Greg Little - OT. Deontay Anderson - S/Rover. Are they interested?