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2018 Texas Football Recruiting: WR Brennan Eagles to Texas

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Notre Dame v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Herman recruiting monster is insatiable and this time it’s being fed by 24/7’s highest ranked WR in the state of Texas, Brennan Eagles.

Eagles is a massive (6-3, 215), physically developed wide receiver who has a body that’s NFL ready — forget college. Beyond the tape measure, Eagles is a big-framed young man who carries his size well. Very similar to David Boston as a pure physical presence.

Eagles is a dominant athlete with a big SPARQ (exceeded nationally only by fellow Longhorn commitment Rondale Moore) and good hands. At minimum, he’ll be a sideline go route and end zone bodying-up-dudes terror. If he refines his receiving skills and gets a tad more fluid in and out of his breaks, who knows what his upside is?

Bottom line: the Longhorns are headed to a nationally elite recruiting class and right now they’re taking whoever they want in the state of Texas.

And if you were smart enough to study Eric Nahlin’s section in TTF, you’re probably not surprised right now.