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Grad transfer TE Kendall Moore ready for Austin

Syracuse v Florida State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Moore completed all of his grad transfer work and he’ll be ready for Fall camp.

Moore amassed 14 catches in his 37 game career at Syracuse, primarily as a back-up in a Veer N Shoot offense. He has mixed reports as a blocker, but Meekins will find out what’s up as soon as pads come on.

Though Moore is a helpful depth addition to a Longhorn TE depth chart that looks like a typo, we’re a bit wary of his overhyped potential in some quarters to start over incumbent Andrew Beck. Or see much more than spot action.

He looks the part and if he surprises us all, he’ll force us to ask the important question: can a grad transfer from another school win the Gaskamp?

As the creator, acting viceroy and Grand Poobah of the Gaskamp, the answer is yes.