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July 31st Camp opening: Football happened this morning

Sort of.

TCU v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Helmets and shorts.

It’s fun to see the Longhorns out there doing their thing.

Quick intel gleaned from Inside Texas.

1st team D

DL - Roach-Ford-Nelson

LB - Hughes-Wheeler-Jefferson

DB - Boyd-Locke-Jones-Elliott-Hill

No surprises. Hager is 2nd team MLB. Jason Hall is 2nd team safety.

1st team O

OL - Williams-Vahe-McMillon-Rodriguez-Nickelson

QB - Buechele

RB - Porter

WR - Johnson-Duvernay-Heard

TE - Beck

Shackleford is on the 2nd team and will cross/train C/G. Need to see what happens when pads come on. Same for Okafor/Delance competing with Nickelson.

I wouldn’t worry about starter designations at RB.

WR should be fluid as well, outside of CJ and probably Duvernay.


You’ve got just over a month to figure out the 2017 Horns. We can help.