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Kevin Durant’s Money Talk

On luxuries and taxes.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

So our guy KD decided to re-sign with the Warriors but for a lot fewer dollars than he could have taken. And the Internet got really mad. Go figure.

Couple of articles on this.

Why Kevin Durant re-signed with the Warriors for $7 million less than his max

Durant will still get his money.

The former Most Valuable Player signed a two-year deal. If he opts into that second year, the Warriors will own his full Bird Rights. At that point, Durant will be 30 years old and able to command a max contract of his own.

Kevin Durant taking a discount to help the Warriors is another form of player power

In this realm, the right choice is the choice that makes you happiest. Durant has no responsibility to anyone but himself. If he chooses to take less to maintain the status quo for the Warriors without pushing Lacob into perhaps untenable financial penalties, so be it. If he chooses to take every dollar possible even at the potential cost of tough decisions by management on the rest of the roster, so be it. It’s his choice.

It’s like, free will, man.