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What We Know After Day 1 of Longhorn Fall Camp

NCAA Football: Rice at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports
  • Chris Warren weighed in at 254. He’ll trim to sub 250 by the end of August. He’s on a pitch count due to missing some offseason S&C with the mumps (six other players affected - vaccinate, people). The concern for him will always be soft tissue injuries
  • Zach Shackleford will have to fight his way up the depth chart to starting center or guard after missing Spring and offseason S&C with ankle surgery. Full pads Friday, Zach
  • RB Kirk Johnson hurt his hamstring. It’s not in the cards for him. Damn shame
  • Herman had praise for former Manvel WR Reggie Hemphill-Mapps as a productive asset from the slot who had a great offseason. Mapps has really responded to the weight room and coaching. With so many athletes competing for spots, the WR corps boasts a legitimate three deep at every spot. Is this the deepest Longhorn WR corps...ever?
  • Speaking of S&C, a number of people have remarked on a stronger, trimmer football team and there are now seemingly countless stories of Yancy McKnight’s S&C offseason transformations. Is an underachieving Texas finally maximizing here after a decades long wander in the woods? I’m kind of giddy
  • If you didn’t already know, the blazing August two-a-days rite of passage that so many of us shared - at least at the high school level - are a thing of the past in college. Which is why Fall camp now starts in...July.
  • The starting QB will be announced two weeks before Maryland. Hint
  • DL depth. It’s a major theme in Thinking Texas Football as a massive differentiator if the Longhorns want to surprise as a 9 or 10 win team. Herman likes what Roach, Nelson and Ford bring, but he specifically called out athletes like Fitzgerald, Graham and Wilbon to come on strong if this group wishes to maximize
  • Team leaders? According to Herman: Connor Williams, PJ Locke, Shane Buechele, Malik Jefferson, Jerrod Heard, Naashon Hughes.


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