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BC Unplugged Podcast: Rod Babers Joins the Party

In a very special two-part episode of the Barking Carnival Unplugged Podcast:

KipsBigBoy, W.W. McClyde and I had the honor of welcoming Lifetime Longhorn Rod Babers as a special guest. We break down the latest developments in Longhorn camp, evaluate Texas’ chances against a tough October run of conference foes, discuss the Jean DeLance transfer news and talk about how Herman can keep the wheels on the Texas offense following the loss of Andrew Beck. In the midst of it our own wheels fall off as we land on either the worst possible T-shirt slogan for the 2017 season or propose an ill-advised spinoff of Herman’s Head while thoroughly earning an (EXPLICIT) tag on SoundCloud.

A great time was had by all, and hopefully you’ll have one, too - give it a listen!