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Aug 19th Saturday Scrimmage Notes

The Longhorn defense is much improved?

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

An interesting post-scrimmage press conference from Herman:

  • The defense is ahead of the offense - they keep winning scrimmages
  • On QB “We’re not dynamic but we’re good enough to win.”
  • Several players are sleeping in Moncrief to maximize nap time
  • Both freshman RBs will play, but they’re “lost in the weeds” - issues mainly around pass protection and ball security
  • RT is a rotation between Nickelson and Okafor
  • McCulloch and Hager are good pass rushers and he’s excited to turn them loose on 3rd down, but they aren’t playing as well against the run
  • Eric Cuffee had a nice INT before getting an injury
  • Expect less 1s vs 1s going forward with Maryland 14 days away
  • Defensive physicality has impressed him vs. the Spring. Running and tackling has improved


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