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What We Know After Day 5 of Fall Camp: Padded edition, August 4th

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NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Longhorn football practice debriefs - now with pads!

A few quick notes of dubious accuracy and validity:

  • What better way to start the first day in pads than bull-in-the-ring?

No, I said bull-in-the-ring. The players did get to show their motion, though. This term is being thrown about carelessly nowadays as true bull-in-the-ring is one poor soul encircled and endlessly ass-whipped by a dozen teammates like Mongols on a Polish knight at Leignitz, but at least no one’s head is paraded on spearpoint. had a drone watching the proceedings and video will be forthcoming tonight

  • The OL 1s today — Williams - Vahe - Shackleford - McMillon - Rodriguez —- according to multiple observers, including Eric N at Inside Texas.
  • Zach Shackleford is working to reclaim his center starting gig after spring surgery and Rodriguez is being given a shot at RT in a best 5 approach (you may have read about that somewhere). Nickelson has some physical deficits and Okafor is a bit assignment overwhelmed and the thought is that Elijah could be the happy compromise. Expect more tinkering here
  • Patrick Hudson is running 2nd team guard and word is he’s a beast when assignment confident. When he isn’t, he’s passive and allows it affect his play. The coaches are working on convincing him that even if he guesses wrong, he should still just go on and destroy whatever he encounters
  • The surprise on defense was true freshman Ta’quon Graham at 4i SDE playing alongside Charles Omenihu and Wilbon at nose on the 2nd team DL. We’ll see if that holds. Extremely difficult for even an advanced freshman to hold up there for extended snaps but 15-25 a game is another story. Let’s see how he handles the work and if there’s a late August fade more pronounced than Big Daddy Kane
  • Edwin Freeman and New Fan Cult Focus Hager alternated at 2nd team MAC
  • Kyle Porter took the lion’s share of snaps at #1 RB. Warren is being worked back in
  • The wide receivers continue to look good - particularly the basketball front line of Johnson, Leonard and Humphery.

Expect a follow up later when video comes out.