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Connor Williams Going Under the Knife

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Per Tom Herman’s Monday presser, the Longhorns’ badass junior left tackle will undergo knee surgery in the next week to ten days following his first-half injury against the Trojans on Saturday night. It sounds like the preliminary diagnosis is a sprained MCL and PCL along with a torn meniscus and probably some cartilage damage to boot. None of those things is individually terrible, and assuming the docs find what they’re expecting when they go in there you’re probably looking at a recovery time on the order of five weeks or so.

What Williams elects to do once he’s recovered is another matter.

He’s got a ton of heart and clearly bleeds Burnt Orange, but this is the kind of injury that can serve as a wake-up call for future earning potential. Assuming that his surgery and recovery go to form it’s almost impossible to imagine Williams falling out of the first round - and it would be entirely understandable if he chose to sit and preserve his health once he’s healed up. Of course he may choose to suit up again as soon as he’s good to go, and I suppose there’s even an Unfinished Business Narrative that sees him return to the 40 Acres in 2018...but I wouldn’t go putting too many chips on that particular bet.

Whatever his decision, here’s wishing Connor the best for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

As to what the Longhorn O-line does in his absence...*sigh*

That’s a longer post.