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BC Unplugged Podcast: The Good, The Bad, The WTF

On the post-USC edition of the Barking Carnival Unplugged Podcast:

We take a full tour of the good (Malik, Poona, Omenihu, Elliott and the rest of the Longhorn defense taking no prisoners; Collin Johnson descending on the Trojans like a vengeful Achilles, most of Sam Ehlinger’s fourth quarter and OT) the bad (the result, the offensive approach, most of Sam Ehlinger’s first three quarters), the ugly (Connor Williams’ knee injury, the offensive tackle situation without Williams, the dubious decision to leave Nwosu unblocked and read him like we’re Georgia Tech) and the WTF (the on-the-fly invention and presentation of a couple of BC Podcast post-game awards that simply has to be heard to be believed).