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So, You’re Saying we’ve got a puncher’s chance?

NCAA Football: Texas at Southern California Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s skip the fanfare of the latest fight with McGregor vs Mayweather, it’s just not worth the discussion of that shit-show circus. He was labeled with having a “puncher’s chance” of winning.

Dude, this is supposed to be about Texas Football, STFU about boxing. I will at some point, but hear me out.

Texas Football has a puncher’s chance the rest of this season to be great, not good, but great. There isn’t a game on the schedule that I think we’re out of yet. That includes the 11am, wax beer cup meeting with the Land Thieves.

Which reminds me:

How do they separate the men from the boys at Oklahoma?

With a restraining order.

Texas showed something over the last three weeks which should reflect better than the posted 1-2 record. For the first time in years I’ve seen a Texas team take a loss which should have demoralized them to the point of no return and instead get righteously pissed off about it.

The loss Saturday to USC, at the Home of the 1932 Olympic Games stings and it’s a loss. No matter how you may find yourself emotionally, it is a foundational teaching moment. What became shockingly evident in that game is the fight mentality Texas brought on the road. It was a pleasant surprise and a moment to ask – “Who the hell are these guys? WOW!

We’ve been awful as a road team the last three years which featured some odious tilts that were impossible to watch.

This is a prepared team (notice I didn’t say well) which makes mistakes, isn’t perfect and sometimes looks like poo. But the one thing they didn't do against either Maryland or USC was lie down and roll over like a pack of puppies waiting for orange slices or Sally's blondies. The lights at USC didn’t scare them like the sunshine of October 3rd, 2015 @TCU where we let frogs piss on us 50-7. See, we didn’t learn our road lesson that season either because on All Hallows' Eve the mighty Cyclones spun our Stormtrooper costumes 24-0 then stole our candy.

Now back to 2017 where things are changing. I really think the Maryland game set the tone for the season where it showed on any day if you don’t bring your A+ game, you can get beat. Ala, a puncher’s chance

Texas has a gauntlet of games upcoming which will be a set of tests. I expect we might fail one or two, but earn an overall passing grade for that toughest stretch of the season.

Do we have issues on the OL now that our All American LT is out – YES. (get better soon #55)

Is there a QB controversy? Sure, we’re Texas so there will always be one.

Would you like to stay in one of our beautiful casitas? – Yes, yes, I would love to. Dammit Mack.

Now this is where my motivation comes from.

In 1994, while Texas would go 8-4, there was a much larger event that year.

November 5th, 1994 - the “One for the Ages” was fought. Moorer vs Foreman the match on paper didn’t make much sense. An older Foreman throwing blows with a fighter who was 35-0 at that point, seems ridiculous. He took the fight at 45 years old and was given “a puncher’s chance” to win. What happened over the next 9 rounds showed that Foreman was behind on the cards and needed to land that punch or suffer defeat. He was patient, took a pounding and waiting to strike hoping to land one. So, with 1:10 left in the 10th a big right caught Moorer flush on the jaw so hard it broke his mouthpiece and cut the lower lip. Down he went, and Joe Cortez gave him the count – it was over. Foreman had done it, he had earned the right to be champ and go on to make the grill which I used exclusively in college.

The remaining games on the Texas Schedule look like this:

Sep 28 - Iowa State

Oct 7 - Kansas State

Oct 14 - Oklahoma

Oct 21 - Oklahoma State

Oct 28 – Baylor

Nov 4 - TCU

Nov. 11- Kansas

Nov. 18 - West Virginia

Nov. 24 -Texas Tech

12/1 or 12/2 – Big 12 Championship

I’m not going to sit here and pontificate the X’s and O’s to show you why we should win or not. Just look, we have a puncher’s chance at getting into the B12 Championship game. Texas, for all its faults and issues, displayed we know how to lose a round but fight. I think that’s where this thing is headed. We’ve found our Angelo Dundee in Tom Herman. Let the man do the training.

Side note, yes, I know we lost to A&M on the same day as the “One for the Ages” to the tune of 34-10, but since they were banned from TV did it really happen

Until next time Hook ‘Em and TEXAS! FIGHT!

p.s. Yes, dammit I am saying we have a puncher’s chance at getting into the B12 title game.

Jet out.