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Buechele Out (For Now) With Bruised Throwing Shoulder

Will be evaluated every 24 hours; Ehlinger gets all reps with ones.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Per Tom Herman’s weekly presser, Texas starting quarterback Shane Buechele suffered a bruised throwing shoulder in Saturday’s 51-41 loss to Maryland in the season opener.

Herman said Buechele suffered the injury in the second half when hit falling away after throwing on a rollout (I haven’t pinpointed the exact play yet). Buechele was able to finish the game and completed 12 passes after the injury. Herman said that he was able to play through the pain. (EDIT: the esteemed Eric Nahlin is reporting that the injury happened much earlier than this; I’ll go with him.)

Consequences for the San Jose State game are unclear. The Texas medical staff recommended rest with re-evaluations every 24 hours. In the meantime, true freshman backup Sam Ehlinger will get all the reps with the ones, and former QB turned receiver Jerrod Heard will cross train as the backup this week.

Asked whether Ehlinger is ready to start a game, Herman replied “No, not right now. But he will be. He’s close — as close as any true freshman I’ve ever seen.”

As for how long Herman will wait before making a decision on the starter for Saturday, Herman unsurprisingly wouldn’t commit to a timeline. “Shane is our starting quarterback,” Herman said. “If he can play without being a detriment to his team, then he’ll play.”

Texas plays it very close to the vest on injuries, and practices are closed to the media, so we’ll be dependent on the occasional leak as well as whatever Herman says in a post-practice media availability.

More to come as the story develops.