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Tom Herman Signing Day Press Conference Brief

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 27 Texas Bowl - Texas v Missouri Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A lot to take in, but here are a few highlights:

  • Texas gave the 5th fewest committable scholarship offers of any FBS program. Herman mocked the idea of non-committable offers or offers-to-camp (if you’ll camp with us, we’ll give you a public offer, but you can’t commit to us). Well-deserved attack and I’m glad he did it. There’s fault both ways. Some athletes just want to collect “offers” for their Twitter feed and ego. But some poor saps actually believe they have an offer and find out otherwise as signing day gets closer. That programs who that routinely aren’t getting black-balled and it’s surprising
  • The idea in 2017 was to take a limited class to set up a big 2018. We could have committed several more, but why take guys you’re not excited about just to fill the class?
  • Thanked the role of UT professors for putting a name and face to the academic programs
  • Texas got 11 of the top 15 players in the state. Even in a year I’d consider a bit down, that’s exactly where we need to be
  • The D-lineman recruiting rush between NSD1 and NSD2 was intense. A late riser like Moro Ojomo must have felt like the prettiest belle at the ball. Every major program in the country tried to get in on him late
  • We did a good job of supplementing key OOS talent with in-state
  • Herman is really excited about Herb Hand as OL coach. He will have game planning input, as all coaches do. Herman fumbled around a bit on play-calling designation - would have been better served to just stay general and tell the media he loves his staff and that if anything changed, they’d be the first to know
  • Spring practice starts March 20
  • Spring game April 21
  • Desired attributes in QB: “Leadership, consistency, just be an everyday guy, be the same guy every day. Your quarterbacks better be the hardest workers on your team. They better be the guys that are never late, that are always on time, that make great grades, stay out of trouble on and off the field.”