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The 1996 Texas-Nebraska Big 12 Title Game: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Texas v Nebraska

A fun remembrance and X’s and O’s breakdown from Ian Boyd at Inside Texas.

My recollections:

  • Ah, Wane McGarity and his 66 yard TD. A very underrated Longhorn player with terrific speed and ability after the catch. McGarity would weather three ACL surgeries in his football career but still managed to have a terrific senior year with 58 catches, 1087 yards and 9 TDs. A great story of perseverance, heart and not giving up the dream
  • Nebraska had an All-American DL and several NFL dudes in their secondary, but started small LBs to get more speed on the field. Texas was able to exploit them running the ball with Priest Holmes. Dan Neil particularly shined against All-American DT Jared Tomich
  • Roll Left. That took big ones
  • This was James Brown at his elusive, playmaking best. Mackovic tried to turn him into a pocket passer late in his career and it never played to the strengths he exhibited as a freshman. James would have really benefitted from playing in today’s spread offenses
  • Interesting to see former Nebraska QB Scott Frost re-emerge as the possible resurrector of the Huskers after his undefeated season at UCF. The same year that Cobra-Kai comes out. The resemblance is eerie. Coincidence?!?!?