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Mo Bamba Already Charming Orlando

2018 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Mo Bamba made the Magic organization fall in love with him due to his maturity, wit and intelligence, but his offseason improvements in fitness, mobility and outside shooting are what assured him of his #6 selection.

He’s already winning over Magic fans. He’s a glimmer of hope in a franchise that has put together six consecutive losing seasons.

He’s joining a roster that’s saddled with bad contracts, imbalance (way too many bigs, not enough shooting or perimeter defense) and a poor track record of coaching, GMing and franchise management. This is a team that’s paying Bismack Biyombo 17 million a year. Say no more.

If the Magic are smart, they identify the handful of guys that they want to build around and then blow up the rest of the roster. Building around Bamba and a perimeter guy would be a good start.