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Texas LB Demarco Boyd Suspension, Impact on 2018

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series NextEra Energy Resources 250 Photo by Sarah Crabill/Getty Images

By now, most Longhorn fans are probably aware of the late breaking news last night concerning Demarco Boyd’s suspension from team activities, stemming from an assault charge after a traffic accident.

The details are probably key in understanding how this case will be resolved, but the facts as we know them are that Longhorn defensive backs Kris Boyd and BJ Foster were rear ended by a 20 year old man in Austin, the force of which drove their car into another car which held Demarco Boyd. Demarco Boyd is alleged to have gotten out, assessed the extensive damage to his brother’s car, and then assaulted the 20 year old driver who initiated the accident.

Given the amount of damage, the possibility of injury and the adrenaline going through a body when there’s a car wreck with the possibility of injury to a loved one, one can see how events can take a nasty turn.

Without exact facts, particularly with respect to the egregiousness of the behavior that caused the accident (road conditions were wet), or whether or not the driver that slammed into Boyd’s brother was possibly impaired in some way, it’s hard to know whether Demarco Boyd’s actions were comprehensible or an overreaction.

As for team impact, Boyd was competing for a 2nd team spot on the depth chart at an already thin position. Unless we see a favorable resolution, this all but guarantees that true freshman Ayodele Adeoye will see early action, with Jeffrey McCulloch and Malcolm Roach getting more work inside, and hopes for contribution from Cameron Townsend.

Most of all, Longhorns fans need to hope for a healthy Gary Johnson and Anthony Wheeler.