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S&C Update: Marqez Bimage squats 700 pounds

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Nain Suleymanogu

Looks like Marqez Bimage has been doing some good work this offseason. As someone who can also squat 700 (I put 175 on the bar and do it 4 times - super easy!) this is pretty impressive...

Bimage has moved his squat from 610 pounds to 700 pounds in less than a year while staying lean.

Bimage is listed as a LB on the roster, but no, not really. He’ll be an important situational rusher, employed with Hager, Omenihu and others to harass offenses on 3rd down as well as spell Hager as an interior mismatch guy.

I write about Bimage as a player to watch in my 2018 Thinking Texas Football Longhorn Preview magazine and the 6-1, 255 pound mismatch has a tremendous potential to surprise in 2018. If you want to understand how Todd Orlando will employ his diverse mix of DL options, give the preview a read. It’ll give you a good overview of how this defense will replace the losses of Poona Ford, Deshon Elliott, Malik Jefferson and Holton Hill.

With role players like Bimage, the Texas D will be just fine.