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2019 Texas Football Recruiting: 4 star OT Javonne Shepherd commits to Longhorns

City of Raqqa And Region in Ruins After Liberation Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The Horns landed a big commitment in a big area of need from a very big man. The North Houston native goes 6-6 with a reported weight anywhere between 315 to 340. Currently ranked a lowish 4 star by 24-7 consensus, I expect that .911 average number to move up in his senior season.

Shepherd is massive, powerful, athletic and raw, but you can’t teach frame, length and movement. Which Shepherd has. Exactly the kind of prospect that Herb Hand wants at tackle. Now, it’s a matter of shaping him into a player. Sky is the limit. As with most talented big men, it will really depend on his desire.

(Addendum: his 40 time was misreported by a journalist)


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