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ESPN article describes toxic Maryland football culture

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Penn State v Maryland Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

An interesting read about the culture at Maryland under head coach DJ Durkin and S&C coach Rick Court. It’s relevant - not just because Texas faces the Terps in three weeks, but because it also brings out how programs deal with a cultural transition with a new staff.

Attention to the Terrapin program heightened on the heels of a Maryland player’s death during a June conditioning drill and it seems that some current and former players, as well as some former staff members are speaking out, dissatisfied with how the current staff has responded in addressing what they deem to be an abusive, toxic culture.

There’s some disconcerting stuff detailed and it doesn’t look particularly good, but I’d also caution against taking every bit of it at face value or without proper context.

One thing it did highlight for me is the absolutely crucial nature of the S&C coach hire. From both a cultural and developmental perspective. Loudmouth-Screaming-And-Yelling Guy isn’t building culture and he sure as hell isn’t progressively training anyone.

Way too many college coaches are bought into intensity theater over hard thoughtful training and mature leadership that challenges players in a constructive way.


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