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TMZ Sports: Tom Herman alleged to be unnamed Buckeye assistant with Zach Smith at Florida strip club

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A Portrait Of Sydney Burlesque Star Gypsy Wood Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

If true, a fairly amusing side note to the Ohio State investigative report. Apparently deduced by matching up Zach Smith’s instagram posts with the date of the alleged incident in the report.

My takeaways?

  1. Tom Herman is alleged to be...a red-blooded American male.
  2. I’m not buying it from coaches anymore when they complain about recruiting being grueling.
  3. Why don’t coaches ever just do a spa day?
  4. If true, Herman getting Smith to submit it on his expense report proved he was future head coaching material.
  5. Ohio State won the national title the same year of the alleged event with Herman masterfully managing a back-up QB through the playoffs. Conclusion? Get the entire Longhorn staff to the Yellow Rose ASAP.


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