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PoonaWatch 2018: The Poonatrator has the highest PFF grade of any Seahawk defender in preseason

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Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Poona has an overall 83 grade for the entire preseason - the highest on the Seahawks defense.

Smart Longhorn fans knew that the undrafted free agent was going to be a camp steal for whichever NFL team signed him. Pete Carroll promised Poona a fair shake if he’d come to Seattle and he’s getting that fair trial while the Seahawks are getting a good player on the cheap.

Expect Ford to be signed to the Seahawks practice squad if he doesn’t make the final cut outright.

Is anyone even surprised? Height doesn’t tell the whole story. A NFL GM has to be willing to spend more than five minutes learning about an athlete before bypassing them for an inferior player with better “specs.”


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