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Tom Herman: “This is Texas’ offense. This isn’t Tim Beck’s offense.”

The head man takes up for his OC.

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Academy Sports & Outdoors Bowl - Texas v Missouri Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

That’s according to Tom Herman, who stuck up for his beleaguered offensive coordinator at Monday’s press conference. So if you have a beef with Beck’s work with last year’s moribund offense of freshmen and reserves thrust into the limelight, you have a beef with Herman and the rest of the Texas offensive staff.

Yeah, I got criticized at Ohio State, and my boss took up for me. I got criticized at Iowa State at times, and my boss took up for me. Major Applewhite got criticized at times, and I took up for him, because it is unfair. It’s absolutely unfair.

This is -- again, game plans are formulated throughout the week and throughout the off-season, and there is an immense amount of collaboration in between series of what we want to see, the next series of adjustments that we need to make based on what we’re seeing.

Especially in Game 1s, because there is no identity, right? You assume you’re going to get something similar to what you got last year, but who knows. There could be something completely different, and you need to adjust.

So that type of collaboration is extremely commonplace. I mean, there isn’t -- this is Texas’ offense. This isn’t Tim Beck’s offense. Just like it was Houston’s offense and not Major Applewhite’s offense. It was Ohio State’s offense and not Tom Herman’s offense. That’s not how it works in college football. It really doesn’t.

There you have it. While Herman makes excellent points, no one talks about the Texas defense under Todd Orlando being a crowdsourced project, do they? Skins on the wall tend to create a sense of ownership and credibility.

This Texas offensive staff is still looking for theirs.